Terms of Business

These terms are designed to clarify the working relationship you, the client, will have with Caroline Dalzell of First for Copy upon commissioning work. The terms ensure we are both clear on matters in the unlikely event of a dispute arising.

You, the client, will be referred to throughout the terms as “you”.

It is highly recommended you read these terms before commissioning a piece of work from First for Copy. By accepting a quote by First for Copy you are agreeing to abide by these terms.

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 First for Copy

First for Copy is the trading name of First For Copy Ltd : registered in England : No. 6906934. Caroline Dalzell is Managing Director of First For Copy. Caroline Dalzell is a qualified and experienced copywriter, editor and proofreader and completes every job placed with First For Copy.


Property rights

Each commissioned and completed piece of written copy becomes the property of the buyer once payment is received. However, First For Copy retains the right to use the completed copy for promotional purposes on the websites www.firstforcopy.co.uk and www.firstforcopy.com and in all First For Copy marketing materials. This includes having all or a section of the copy on the aforementioned websites and a link to the individual’s website (if relevant) where the copy appears. The only exception is when a client has requested a confidentiality agreement be signed.

For editing and proofreading commissions, the buyer retains sole copyright of the documents, regardless of alterations or additions by First For Copy.

For all services, First For Copy retains the right to use individual and/ or company names for promotional and testimonial reasons. The only exception is when a client has requested a confidentiality agreement be signed.


Peace of mind

First For Copy prides itself on customer satisfaction and every quote for a project or individual piece of work takes into account any additional drafts which may be needed to achieve this. First For Copy never charges for any extra drafts, provided that this does not entail the copy being altered from the original brief.

First For Copy is not liable for any extra time needed to complete a project which involves a number of drafts. First For Copy is happy to deal with any issues a client may have and will take the time to resolve these but is not liable for any claims made regarding loss of earnings or business as a result of this.

Should you be unhappy with the first draft, please discuss your concerns with First For Copy who will do everything possible to rectify the matter. In the unlikely event the matter cannot be resolved, First For Copy will agree to terminate the job and refund the deposit and any additional money paid. In this circumstance, you agree that First For Copy is not liable for any loss of earnings or business as a result and that you will not to use any of the written copy sent to you by First For Copy.



First For Copy takes plagiarism very seriously and when you commission First For Copy’s service you can be assured all new copy will be original. Where sources and references are used the author will be credited and a full bibliography/ list of references will be provided.

It is your responsibility for providing First For Copy accurate information for all services. This includes accurate information for copywriting work and sending documents you own the copyright for, for editing and proofreading work.

Should your completed commissioned piece cause upset or difficulties for you or your organisation at a later date, you accept full responsibility for this and agree that First For Copy is not liable as the commission was undertaken in good faith.

First For Copy aims for perfection with every job and intends to produce copy which is both effective and error free. However, the ultimate responsibility for fact checking is yours and First For Copy is not liable for any mistakes later found in completed copy.


Confirmation of a job

First for Copy will commence a job upon receiving both confirmation in email and the agreed deposit amount. First For Copy will work to the stated deadline and will keep you informed of developments during this time.

If for any reason the deadline cannot be met, First For Copy will update you at the earliest possible time. First For Copy reserves the right to move the deadline date back by up to 48 hours without incurring any penalties, provided a minimum of one day’s notice of the original deadline date has been given.


Payment process

First For Copy provides quotes for work on an individual basis and takes time, research, volume etc into account. First For Copy is happy to offer a discount for a large volume of work and this discount will be decided between First For Copy and you.

With all jobs, First For Copy requires a minimum deposit of 25% of the total fee before starting work. Once you are happy with the completed work and have signed it off, First For Copy will invoice you for the remainder of the fee and expect payment by Paypal, BACs or cheque, within 30 days of the date of invoice.



Copy on the website

All copy on the First For Copy websites is the copyright of First For Copy and you agree not to copy or adapt any of the contents without First For Copy’s express permission.


Freedom of speech

First For Copy believes in freedom of speech but reserves the right to refuse to write, edit or proofread any documents which could incite hatred or be seen as discriminatory. 



All documents sent to First For Copy will be treated in confidence and will only be viewed by Caroline Dalzell for the purposes of writing, editing and/ or proofreading. Your details will not be passed to a third party.

Should you wish to have a confidentiality agreement in place before starting a job, First For Copy is happy to sign a NDA in good faith upon receiving a copy of this.


Updates to the Terms of Business

First For Copy has the right to make amendments and updates to the Terms of the Business at any time, for any reason and without notice.





Terms of Business last updated on 09 July 2009.